Caulking and Sealing, Scarborough, ON.

Tired of soiled rugs and a worn-out window?
Try caulking and sealing them this time. Windows glass experts Scarbrough are offering you the opportunity to get your windows caulked and sealed at a discounted price this fall. Contact us at +(647) 277-5049 to get your windows caulked and sealed today. Efficient windows play a prominent role in the ventilation of your house, home security, and your apparent use of power for subsequent cooling and heating. It is essential to know when your windows need to be caulked and sealed, and you need professional help with this. Because as your windows grow older they wear out due to aging, weather, wear and tear by handling, etc. leaking windows result in in-home flooding, more power usage, and provides question evidence for the overall safety and comfort of your home. Rather than thinking about replacing your windows with another expensive window glass, you can try caulking and sealing it. Caulking and sealing your windows renews the strength and durability of your windows prolonging their life. It also cuts down power bills to a bare minimum of 20%. Caulking and sealing tempers your window glass giving your home an extra advantage in security, on coercion it keeps your window glass from shattering, it only spiders webs. We at windows glass experts believe in window quality and customer satisfaction at an affordable price, so you can contact us today and we will get down to you for the caulking and sealing of your windows +(647) 277-5049

About us.

Window and Glass Experts Scarborough is a licensed business in Ontario Canada that is involved in window and glass installation, replacement, and even basic repairs.
We are a registered grassroots business that has been in service operations for four years and still counting. In that time, we have served a notable number of households and have provided value to Scarborough by providing quality window repairs, window replacements for houses in need or the ones being remodeled. We also offer window installation services to new houses. We have also impacted Scarborough by employing the people of Scarborough and by supporting the small and medium scale local business through material purchase.
Here at windows glass experts Scarborough, we believe in the security and satisfaction of the people of Scarborough by delivering quality window products and services that meet modern standards. Our goods are eco-friendly with adaptable features that help support the immediate environment. We ensure that all of our clients get what they want at a budget-friendly price. We at windows glass experts are not attuned from quality and style and there is a variety of windows solutions with us to suit your window needs. Give us a call today and we will let you know more about what you are looking for.

Window Lock Repairs, Scarborough, ON.

Our Services

Window replacements and installation, sales of window glass of all types, window cranks, hinges, aluminum, wooden frames, etc. we do caulking and sealing of windows, aluminum capping, etc. we render caulking and sealing services to ( but not limited to );

  • Residential areas; include homes, orphanages, charity homes, shelters, etc.
  • Non-residential areas i.e. schools, shopping malls, offices, government property, and public places, etc.
  • Vehicles i.e. car windows, windscreens, aquariums, etc.

Why choose us at windows glass experts for your caulking and sealing?


We are certified and foremost in providing quality window services such as caulking and sealing to the citizens of Scarborough, Ontario.


We believe in service efficiency and style and we are your one-stop shop when it comes to luxury and exquisite designs.


Our quality window services come at low-costs that will suit your budget as well as your window needs.


Our customer service philosophy which includes customer satisfaction and productivity ensures we keep our customers smiling all through the process of delivering quality windows services.


We provide a warranty for all our window goods and services. Thus we are legally obliged to offer you our very best and upholding our brand.


We offer free consultation services for your window needs. Our quotations ensure we are well accountable for all our expenses.

Our Services

At Window and Glass Experts Scarborough, we offer a wide range of window repair, replacement and installation services, these services also include window locks. Our window locks services include the following;


We replace insecure and dilapidated window locks to maximize the security around your home or workplace


We repair broken window locks, jammed window locks, and also loose window locks if they can still be replaced and if the client cannot afford a total replacement


We install new locks to the window of our clients upon demand.


Our team of locksmiths also makes personalized window locks for clients who may demand them for extra security and comfort.

Why Choose Us?

You should Choose us for securing your windows because we;

  • Have a track record for delivering the safest and most secure window locks in Scarborough.
  • Our services are available round the clock and we are highly affordable.
  • We offer a warranty on all our services.
  • We offer same-day services as well as emergency window locks repair.