Window Cranks Repair

Window cranks are essential to every window. Their functions can not be replaced. In a casement window, the crank allows the window to be opened outward or closed highly through an inward latch.

Therefore, they are of great importance to the window.
Do you need window cranks repaired in Scarborough, ON?
Are your window cranks giving you issues?
Then we are the right company for you. We provide various services relating to the window or glass one of which is the window cranes repair.
All you need to do is contact us and inform us of the issues we have. You do not have to stress yourself.

About Us.

Window and Glass Experts Scarborough is a licensed business in Ontario Canada that is involved in window and glass installation, replacement, and even basic repairs. We are a local business that has been in existence for over four years and in that time we have added immense value to Scarborough by providing stellar quality window repairs, window replacements for houses that need them or ones being remodeled. We also offer window installation services to newly built houses. We have also impacted Scarborough by employing the people of Scarborough and by supporting the local business through material purchase.
At Window and Glass Experts Scarborough, we are committed to delivering not only aesthetical and functional windows, but we also take the security of lives and properties as a huge deal, and as such, defective windows, locks, hinges or mediocre replacements repairs and installation is not our thing. We are committed to giving back to the planet by ensuring all our services and materials used are eco friendly. Place a call to us today to access a wealth of our services

We grant our customers a warranty. During the period where it is functional clients may raise complaints on any issues, they have with the company. This may be on the quality of service rendered or the time of service delivery. This complaint must be during the period of the warranty, once that time is over then such complaints would not be entertained.

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are many reasons why we should be your choice to handle your window crank repairs. Our company is different from others and has different features. Some of those features are discussed below:


We provide a chance for clients to make complaints and a system to handle such complaints.

Flawless services

We provide our services and deliver within a short period depending on the workload.


We do not delay clients' work unnecessarily but handle it as soon as possible. We do this by assigning various persons to different jobs so there would not be other jobs competing for his attention.


We repair the window cranks with good materials that ensure durability.


During the inspection we note the possible cause to warn the clients to avoid it so the repaired crank may last.

Quality Service

We perform quality service while repairing the window cranks.


We leave your windows neat as we clean up our work area