Window Lock Repairs, Scarborough, ON

Locking the doors isn’t just enough.
Your security also depends on how tight your windows are. Yes, though you may ignore them.
Most break-ins and loss of valuables have been reported to be of loose window security.
Be security conscious and protect your home and your belongings today by repairing your window locks.
Need a window lock repair in Scarborough, Ontario?
Window glass experts Scarborough are the guys for the job. Heighten your home and office security today by employing our services for your window locks.
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Window Lock Repairs, Scarborough, ON.

About Us

Window and Glass Experts Scarborough is a registered business Licensed to operate in Scarborough Ontario Canada. We are involved in window and window glass installation of all forms and all kinds of windows and window glass, replacement, and even regular windows repairs and windows upgrades.

Modus Operandi.

Upon receiving your phone call, we respond by;

Consulting with the client

Listening to the complaint as well as asking questions about their security challenges and their ideal idea of security. This helps us deliver personalized services for maximum client satisfaction.

Damage assessment

We offer a damage estimation on the window locks as well as other parts of the windows that may require a fix.

Cost Estimation;

We draft up the costs of our service and we deliver them to the client then await an agreement.

We fix it

We deploy a group of our finest locksmiths to handle all the window locks repair or replacement or even installation. They could also customize locks and window security systems if the client demands them.


We draft up a warranty after the client verbally shows his/ her satisfaction. This warranty is legally binding within the warranty date except the damage was caused by external factors.

Our Services

At Window and Glass Experts Scarborough, we offer a wide range of window repair, replacement and installation services, these services also include window locks. Our window locks services include the following;


We replace insecure and dilapidated window locks to maximize the security around your home or workplace


We repair broken window locks, jammed window locks, and also loose window locks if they can still be replaced and if the client cannot afford a total replacement


We install new locks to the window of our clients upon demand.


Our team of locksmiths also makes personalized window locks for clients who may demand them for extra security and comfort.

Why Choose Us?

You should Choose us for securing your windows because we;

  • Have a track record for delivering the safest and most secure window locks in Scarborough.
  • Our services are available round the clock and we are highly affordable.
  • We offer a warranty on all our services.
  • We offer same-day services as well as emergency window locks repair.